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101 Self Care Sunday Ideas

101 Self Care Sunday Ideas

Self care is an integral part of my wellness regimen and I love exploring new ways to keep myself grounded during the day or to de stress after a long day. I am sure I am not the only one out there who struggles with self care and self love. I know that I certainly need help with this! My day is usually filled with tending to the needs of others and if I don’t make time for myself then I can easily come unraveled.

Why self-care Sunday?

Have you ever had a day where you were so busy, you felt like your head was spinning? I have had my share of those days. Sometimes it’s easy to forget to take care of yourself. I think it’s the nature of being a woman to put others before yourself. Another reason is that we live in a culture that is very focused on productivity.

We are always looking for something that will make us more productive. It’s the reason why self-care is not a normal thing. It’s not normal to spend time doing things that make you feel better. But it is very important to take a step back and take some time for yourself. It is so important to take care of your emotional needs. 

Self-care does not have to be expensive or time-consuming. It does not have to be something that you do in a day. It’s an ongoing process. It’s a way of life. It’s a mindset. Self-care is a priority. So, I encourage you to set aside some time to practice self care. I have been doing this for the past few months and it has helped me so much. I have had more energy and I am more productive. I feel more grounded and I am more patient. I am more loving towards myself and others. I am more present and I am more focused. It’s all because I take time for myself.  

Try some of these ideas and you will see how it changes your life.

  1. Take a break from technology
  2. Read a good book
  3. Journaling
  4. Take a walk in nature
  5. Create something new
  6. Learn a new skill
  7. Pamper yourself
  8. Do some yoga
  9. Meditate for 5 minutes
  10. Take a nap
  11. Have a glass of wine
  12. Give yourself a fresh manicure
  13. Go get your hair done!
  14. Bake something you haven’t made before
  15. Turn on your favorite music and have a dance party
  16. Eat healthy foods
  17. Watch a feel-good movie (ya know, the one you can watch over and over)
  18. Make a list of goals for the month
  19. Make a list of goals for the week
  20. Get rid of some junk in your house
  21. Go get a new outfit
  22. Talk to a friend on the phone
  23. Write out a bucket list for the next year
  24. Watch a tv show that inspires you!
  25. Watch the sunset
  26. Take a bubble bath (cliche I know, but people love them!)
  27. Go to the gym
  28. Delete some old photos off of your phone
  29. Re-arrange the furniture in your living room
  30. Eat a real breakfast! No donuts, no sugary cereal!
  31. Sleep in (you deserve it!)
  32. Paint a beautiful picture!
  33. Color (try these)
  34. Eat your favorite dinner
  35. Watch the sunrise
  36. Write down 10 things you are grateful for
  37. Take a very slow walk around target (I mean whatever your favorite store is)
  38. Go on a day trip
  39. Open those blinds babe, let some light in!
  40. Go on a slow nature walk, really appreciate the outdoors
  41. Take yourself on a date
  42. Practice positive affirmations
  43. Find some new music to listen too
  44. Enjoy some quiet time (literally, sit there in the silence)
  45. Drink a glass of your favorite wine
  46. Go fishing
  47. Go for a hike with amazing views
  48. Unplug all-day
  49. Declutter your social media (unfollow or unfriend people that don’t make you happy)
  50. Play a game with your family
  51. Buy a new house plant
  52. Buy some fresh flowers for the week
  53. Light a refreshing candle
  54. Write a creative story or a letter to a friend
  55. Go grab a coffee
  56. Go see a movie by yourself
  57. Put on a facemask
  58. Go to church
  59. Read your bible
  60. Turn on some ocean sounds or rainforest sounds (super relaxing by the way)
  61. Birdwatch (also super relaxing)
  62. Have the beach nearby? Or a creek? Go there!
  63. Go on a picnic! That’s right, make your lunch and grab a book! Enjoy!
  64. Take a nice hot shower
  65. Play a game on your phone
  66. Explore a new city
  67. Add some different wall art to your room
  68. Take your vitamins
  69. Plan your upcoming week
  70. Video chat a family member
  71. Go play laser tag or go to an escape room
  72. Go to your friends’ house and watch a movie
  73. Create a morning routine
  74. Drink a nice glass of warm tea
  75. Drink a nice glass of cold tea
  76. Practice yoga
  77. Read a self-help book
  78. Write in your journal
  79. Listen to an inspiring podcast!
  80. Volunteer
  81. Do something kind for someone
  82. Read some inspirational quotes
  83. Get dressed up for the day (do your hair and makeup)
  84. Don’t get dressed for the day stay in your pj’s
  85. Pick up the area around you
  86. Have a family movie day
  87. Go outside and listen to the birds
  88. Get a message
  89. Go for a swim
  90. Sit poolside and read a book
  91. Play a video game
  92. Go somewhere pretty and take pictures! (even if you aren’t a professional)
  93. Plan a vacation
  94. Watch a documentary
  95. Write in your journal
  96. Read some jokes
  97. Play with your kids at the park
  98. Sing your heart out
  99. Try out a new hairstyle
  100. Practice breathing techniques
  101. What sets your soul on fire? Do that!

You can find more self care posts here. What are your favorite self-care ideas?

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