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How Can a Bullet Journal Change Your Life?

Are you feeling unproductive and disorganized? Have you ever tried a Bullet Journal? This methodology makes you go from passenger to pilot in your life, achieving outstanding results. Wanna know how? Keep reading!

Why Bullet Journal is the Best Planner for People with ADHD

the Bullet Journal Provides flexibility and, at the same time, simplicity. The only thing that is required is a pen and a Bullet Journal

DIY Yoga Mat Cleaner

Yoga mats can contain a lot of bacterias, so keep yours clean. There are numerous cleaning products for yoga mats on the market. However, I prefer to make my custom mat cleaner once I put my body onto it, especially my face. It is so easy to prepare, and you can combine your favourite essences, making your wellness potion.

5 Signs That You Have Vitamin D Deficiency

It is responsible to regulate adrenaline, noradrenaline, dopamine production in the brain and helps the body to absorb calcium that helps the mineralization of bone keeping them strong and healthy. Around 10 percent of vitamin D can be obtained by food and the rest the body makes for itself.

Top 5 Health Benefits of Having a Pet

The interaction between animals and humans has been happening since the beginning of civilization until…

Law of Attraction and Manifestation Techniques

You may probably have heard about the law of attraction and its benefits. Today I…

Simple Colon Cleanse Mixture

We daily take care of your body, brushing teeth, combing hair, eating, taking vitamins, etc. But have you ever think you how to take care of your gut? Colon cleanse is a crucial thing to keep your body healthy and should be a regular practice, as mentioned earlier.

12 Indoor Air Cleaning Plants for First-Time Plant Parent

Plants are a beautiful addition to any room but they are not just a trendy…

3 Science-Backed Benefits of MCT Oil

MCT Oil (Medium-Chain Triglycerides) is often used as a diet supplement in smoothies, bulletproof coffee, and salads. The popular Oil, commonly extracted from coconut, has many potential benefits among its fans

4 Proven Benefits of Dry Brushing & How to Start Today!

This traditional ritual became popular lately, gaining a lot of devoted enthusiasts right now. But what are the real benefits of dry brushing?