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15 Easy Delicious Poke Bowl Recipes

15 Easy Delicious Poke Bowl Recipes

Poke is one of the main dishes of Natives Hawaiian cuisine served as an appetizer or as a main course. Nowadays, you can find a huge variety of Pokes, combining raw fish, rice,  a variety of vegetables, and umami-flavoured sauces. No matter what toppings you use, one thing in common in all poke bowls is the Japanese rice! Check out this post guide to make the perfect sushi rice for your bowl

1.Hawaiian Poke Bowl With Spicy Aioli

This poke is like a deconstructed sushi roll in a bowl. Made with rice, fish, and a variety of delicious toppings and sauces!

Get the recipe at A Farmgirl’s Dabbles

2.Spicy Salmon Poke Bowls

Healthy protein infused with Japanese inspired flavours for a delicious gourmet meal.

Get the recipe at Jessica Gavin

3.Spicy Shrimp Poke Bowl

Another variety of Poke replacing tuna by shrimp. Looks delicious!

Get the recipe at AbbyLanger

4.Seared Hawaiian Beef Poké

This Poke Bowl made with seared beef instead of fish. It is a fabulous idea for BBQ lovers!

Get the recipe at Great Brith Chefs

5.Salmon Poke With Macadamia Nuts and Fried Shallots

The perfect poke bowl has it all. It’s got some raw food and some cooked food. It’s got sweet notes and spicy notes. It’s got some crunch to it to add texture alongside that melt-in-your-mouth raw fish.

Get the recipe at Serious Eats

6.Adam Liaw’s Tuna, Nori and Avocado Poke Bowl

Perhaps the best part about this begins with the rice “salad” at the bottom. It’s a luscious, tasty, and healthy mix of short-grain brown rice and white sushi rice.

Get the recipe at Good Food

7.Salmon & Avocado Poke Bowl

Salmon and avocado are pretty standard fare in the world of poke. This mixture is served atop a green-infused brown rice salad, boasting strands of nutritious and deliciously spicy arugula and Chinese-style dijon mustard for a unique spin on the classic!

Get the recipe at Eating Well

8. Ahi Tuna Poke Rice Bowl

With little to no effort, this fancy bowl of gems will easily impress. It’s perfect for those hot days when you don’t feel like cooking and simple enough to pack as a nutritious lunch. 

Get the recipe at Bourbon and Honey

9.Tofu Poke Bowl With Sesame Glazed Carrots

Where there’s a will, there’s a way — and vegetarians always find away. Tofu replaces the raw fish in this delicious poke creation. If you’re into big-batch cooking on Sundays, this is ideal. With everything cooked and prepped beforehand, combining a scoop of grains with protein, veggies and sauce are all this easy meal entails.

Get the recipe at Hello Glow

10.Salmon Poke With Creamy Togarashi Sauce

Obsessing over the delicious wonder that is the poke bowl is easy, and ordering it for takeout every time you don’t feel like cooking is clutch.

Get the recipe at Cooking with Cocktail Rings

11.Tuna Poke

Obsessing over the deliciSometimes a dish is so good, you can’t help but chew it with a huge grin on your face. This is one of those dishes. Velvety Yellowfin tuna is tossed with crisp onions in a fragrant, sweet and nutty mix, then topped with cinnamon. What a great way to switch things up! Ous wonder that is the poke bowl is smooth and ordering it for takeout every time you don’t feel like cooking is clutch.

Get the recipe at No Recipes

12.Vegetarian Pineapple Poke Bowls

There is zero cooking involved in this veg-friendly poke bowl, and we are SO down with that. Whether it’s too hot to cook or you’re just too darn lazy, this recipe makes it all okay with its low-maintenance assembly and its high-quality flavour factor. 

Get the recipe at Live Eat Learn

13. Pernod Salmon Poke Bowls

They say not to mess with a good thing, but when creativity strikes, it can be hard to hold back. In this case, we’re stoked about the messing around. The sophisticated use of Pernod adds a unique mainland flair to this beautiful salmon poke bowl.

Get the recipe at Fix Feast Flair

14. Shoyu Ahi Poke

Have a bite and take a trip to poke paradise with this simple yet super flavorful bowl of fresh ahi tuna tossed in shoyu. The fish is meant to marinate for at least an hour, so prepping it on a weeknight and taking it to work guarantees you a delicious and satisfying lunch. 

Get the recipe at Just Putzing

15.DIY Poke Bowls

Now that you’re craving ALL the poke bowls, you should totally throw a poke party luncheon — and invite all of us. Invite your besties over and, together, create a decked-out poke bar with all the dreamy fixings.

Get the recipe at What’s Gaby Cooking

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