10 Keto Breakfast Ideas

After having tried probably all of the existing diets in this world, I discovered the Ketogenesis. Maintaining low carb with zero sugar intake has been helping me a lot to lose weight and keep healthy.
As a breakfast lover, I have prepared a list of my favourite recipes for you to enjoy!

13 Halloween Pumpkin Carving Ideas

Let your craftsmanship shine through on October 31 and think about it while decorating your Halloween pumpkin. I’m sure everyone knows that autumn and pumpkin are virtually synonymous. Still, you may not know that you can really turn this bright orange seasonal product into anything you like – from a wood-burning stove to pumpkin pie to a Christmas tree.

4 Proven Benefits of Dry Brushing & How to Start Today!

This traditional ritual became popular lately, gaining a lot of devoted enthusiasts right now. But what are the real benefits of dry brushing?

20 Things to do at Home to Get Your Life Organized

Being organized can be joyful and even therapeutic. Uncluttered outside, uncluttered inside.
Ready to learn about 20 things to do to organize your life?
If yes, then this post will be perfect for you!

How to Wake Up Early

In a simple word, “Having a routine.” Looks like simple right?
For the majority, it’s not. It takes time (not exactly 21 days as one suggests) and a lot of discipline to create a new routine.
If you think your days aren’t productive, and you’re not making the best out of your mornings, grab a tea, and keep reading!