101 Self Care Sunday Ideas


CRYSTALS 101: How They Work & Crystal Meanings

The rise of complementary and alternative medicine is one of the most significant trends in health these days. While the attraction to such therapies is many and varied, they have become increasingly popular among US adults in recent years. With so many diverse…

Why Bullet Journal is the Best Planner for People with ADHD

the Bullet Journal Provides flexibility and, at the same time, simplicity. The only thing that is required is a pen and a Bullet Journal

13 Halloween Pumpkin Carving Ideas

Let your craftsmanship shine through on October 31 and think about it while decorating your Halloween pumpkin. I’m sure everyone knows that autumn and pumpkin are virtually synonymous. Still, you may not know that you can really turn this bright orange seasonal product into anything you like – from a wood-burning stove to pumpkin pie to a Christmas tree.