101 Self Care Sunday Ideas


CRYSTALS 101: How They Work & Crystal Meanings

The rise of complementary and alternative medicine is one of the most significant trends in health these days. While the attraction to such therapies is many and varied, they have become increasingly popular among US adults in recent years. With so many diverse…

10 Keto Breakfast Ideas

After having tried probably all of the existing diets in this world, I discovered the Ketogenesis. Maintaining low carb with zero sugar intake has been helping me a lot to lose weight and keep healthy.
As a breakfast lover, I have prepared a list of my favourite recipes for you to enjoy!

5 Signs That You Have Vitamin D Deficiency

It is responsible to regulate adrenaline, noradrenaline, dopamine production in the brain and helps the body to absorb calcium that helps the mineralization of bone keeping them strong and healthy. Around 10 percent of vitamin D can be obtained by food and the rest the body makes for itself.